Beachwear & Swimwear for Women

Beachwear & Swimwear for Women

Beachwear & Swimsuits

Women chose beachwear or swimsuits to enjoy the ultimate fashion when at the beach. Swimsuits are priced according to their labels and may cost from as little as $20 to hundreds of dollars. The most revealing swimsuits are bikinis or thongs. Despite undergoing several changes, the basic shape of the swimsuit has remained the same, meaning that swimsuits for women are designed only to cover the upper part of the body with the legs remaining bare.


Types of Swimsuits

The most popular beachwear for women is the one-piece swimsuit. This has been used since women started wearing swimsuits to the beach. Swimsuits have always been at the forefront in women’s contemporary fashion wear. Swimsuits were originally designed for women who dared to expose some parts of their body for a dip in the sea. Now this form of beachwear is of a variety of colors and different fabrics. The changing forms, functions and meanings of the bathing suit have been endless.


Due to the amount of exposure of and figure hugging designs of bikinis and other beachwear, glamour fashion photographers photograph beautiful and exotic models in bikinis and other revealing beachwear. Women who enter and compete in beauty contests are also required to wear swimsuits for the competitions. The history of swimsuits is about so much with so little material. Women often chose swimsuits according to the current trend instead of what is comfortable.

Bathing Gowns

During the 18th century, swimsuits were called bathing gowns as they were used for bathing in public. The invention and popularity of the railroad increased their popularity because of the easy and cheap access of travelling to the sea or ocean. The biggest changes in swimsuits were made for competitive swimmers. The new generation beachwear is made of fabrics that allow women to swim effortlessly and not be slowed down by the weight of the water trapped in the swimwear.


History of Swimsuits

In the 18th century, women’s beachwear consisted of bloomers and black stockings.  Later, drawers were also worn to prevent exposure. Women did not swim all that much, and only when swimming became popular with women, gradual improvements were seen in the design of the suit itself. In the 19th century, swimming had acquired the status of “art” and was also included in the Olympics and college sports. Finally, women were not embarrassed to swim and the design of swimsuits really took off.

Increasing Popularity

After the period following World War I, the appreciation for bathing and leisure time increased tremendously, thereby ushering in the beginning of the current era of beachwear for women. It was this that increased the popularity of fashionable swimwear and now these swimsuits are here to stay. With the passage of time, beach wear for women has become more attractive and daring, appealing to a much broader scope of women.


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